RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE (A Documentary By JSK) – PART 2 Re-Edit/Re-Upload Now ONLINE

This is the re-edited YouTube version of RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE Part 2. The original cut was blocked worldwide, so edits have been made to certain sections. RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE – A 4 Part Documentary – is Written, Narrated, Edited, Produced & Directed with an Original Music Score & Songs by Jason Stuart Kamasz (JSK)

river phoenix was here documentary by jsk jason stuart kamasz


RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE Theme By JSK – 20th Anniversary Tribute

This piece of music is the theme I composed and performed for RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE. My tribute is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of River’s passing.
As we hold his memory to our heart we will always cherish the time he spent with us and the enduring legacy of his compassion and talent. Blessings to you River, you are always in our hearts….
Jason Stuart Kamasz


Just a reminder that I have started a Facebook page for my documentary RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE which features deleted scenes and more with other material to be uploaded.
You can visit the page @

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/River-Phoenix-Was-Here-A-Documentary-By-JSK/164064097104053
  • Thanks to everyone around the world for your support of the film and your kind words of support.


    RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE Official FACEBOOK PAGE A Documentary By Jason Stuart Kamasz JSK

    RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE (A Documentary By JSK) Part 4/4

    FILM-MAKER NOTE – For those who have yet to watch Parts 1, 2 & 3 of this documentary, I advise you to watch the film in order before viewing this chapter so as to fully experience and understand the narrative of the conclusion to RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE. Why ? This film was never intended to be cut into chapters. It was created as one complete document. Thus, by watching the film out of order completely negates the purpose of this work which was to tell the complete, chronological story of River’s life, death and ensuing legacy. Thank You to everyone who has supported this film and for your considerate words and encouragement. I hope you enjoy the conclusion to RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE.
    Respectfully. JSK

    ALSO – Sadly, and to my deep frustration, I have been informed by YouTube that this video is blocked in Germany due to the music company GEMA. I am so truly sorry that this is the case but I could not edit out the Matched Third Party Content as it was an essential part of this film. If you do live in Germany please message me privately as there may be a way around this problem. Again, I sincerely apologize. JSK